Lease A Vehicle

Volvo Car Finance North America offers the most flexible and convenient lease programs, tailored to fit your lifestyle. We strive to ensure that your entire experience goes above and beyond your expectations. For more information about our comprehensive leasing programs and services, choose one of the topics below:

Program Features

Volvo Car Finance North America offers a variety of lease terms designed just for you. We offer a wide variety of term lengths, in addition to great program benefits and options to fit your driving needs.
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Lease-End Process

As the end of your lease approaches and you consider your next vehicle, there are three choices available. Volvo Car Finance North America expects vehicles to be returned in good condition, allowing for normal wear and use during the term of your agreement.
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Retail Balloon

A Retail Balloon* is a finance product that offers "Ownership with Choices". Combining the benefits of leasing and owning, Retail Balloon is an installment sale contract with a final balloon payment due at the end of your contract term.

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*Available in select states.


Lease vs Finance

Volvo Car Finance North America offers many financing and leasing plans to help make the purchase or lease of your next vehicle affordable and convenient. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which is best for you.
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