Lease-End Process

You’ve got choices. Choose the one that’s right for you.

You have three choices available at the end of your lease. The choice you make is entirely up to you.

  1. Purchase or lease a new vehicle.
    Start by visiting your originating retailer* and selecting your next vehicle. If you will be returning your current lease vehicle, refer to #3 below.

  2. Purchase your current lease vehicle.
    If you choose to purchase your lease vehicle, please review the Purchase Option price in your Lease Agreement and return to your originating retailer. They can provide a final purchase price with taxes, facilitate lease-end requirements such as your signing of a federally required Odometer Statement and complete your purchase transaction.

  3. Return your current lease vehicle to your originating retailer.
    If you decide to return your lease vehicle, there are a few things you will want to do before returning the vehicle to help ensure a smooth process:
    • Review the Wear and Use section of this Web site. It explains the return process and will help you identify if your vehicle has any Excess Wear and Use or Excess Mileage. One of the advantages of identifying Excess Wear and Use before returning your vehicle is that it allows time to process claims if damage is covered under your insurance policy.
    • Contact your originating retailer and schedule a vehicle return appointment. Take this opportunity to discuss:
      • Any Excess Wear and Use you have or think you may have.
      • Your replacement vehicle needs.
    • Don't forget you have WearCare®. With the WearCare® coverage included in your lease, many Excess Wear and Use charges may already be covered – refer to your WearCare® Addendum for details.
    • Make needed repairs. If you do make repairs to your vehicle, please keep any receipts in case they are needed to verify repairs made.
    • Return your vehicle to the originating retailer by the lease-end date. To fulfill your lease obligations, you need to be present at vehicle return to:
      • Review and sign the Odometer Statement (required by federal law).
      • Pay any Excess Mileage and Excess Wear and Use charges.

Be sure to discuss these choices with your retailer. They can help you decide which choice will be right for you. Refer to your Lease Agreement for full details.

* If you've moved and now live more than 75 air miles from your originating retailer, you may return your lease vehicle to a participating Volvo retailer. Be sure to contact them for an appointment prior to vehicle return. If you are having trouble locating a participating Volvo retailer, please contract our Customer Service Center.

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